Medaka Box Episode #04

And now, the moment we all been waiting for… A judo match between Kouki and Zenkichi!

Who will win this crucial battle?

Nah, I think it’s Akune all the way! Nobody can win against the genius prince from the judo club!

And look, Medaka is worried sick that Zenkichi might lose to Kouki. See, her face says it all!

Thanks to Medaka’s cute and worrisome face, Zenkichi beat the odds and push Kouki to the mat.

Sure there’s no homo on this fight, but Zenkichi wins the match and he’ll stay at the Student Council indefinitely!

Well, it seems that the prince will stay at the dojo…

But then again, Nekomi let him go and decided to join the council instead as the secretary.

Gee, those bare chest of his is the bomb on Medaka Box! I can’t look at his FABULOUS chest!

Oh, and he’s not only good at judo throw… He’s also good at writing too (second to Medaka, that is) which Kouki helped this tomboy to write a love letter with all her feelings attached!

Anyway, with three members already, it seems that the Student Council will be livelier and FABULOUS!

Still, I was wondering of whether Shiranui would join the council or not… But then again, she’s just trolling while eating a huge burger!

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3 Responses to Medaka Box Episode #04

  1. FailDRE86 says:

    I never recalled Kouki ever wearing a sleeveless shirt in the manga

  2. Anise_Punter says:

    Shiranui is a megatroll.

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