Acchi Kocchi Episode #04

Hello guys and welcome to another episode of Acchi Kocchi! This time, they’re playing an extreme version of “Kick the Can!” where the Enforcer Team (Kyouya, Saki, Tsumiki, and Mayoi) will try to defend the can before the Assault Team (Kana, Hime-cchi, Io-san, and Sakaki) kicks it!

Of course, the Enforcer Team can stop one of them before reaching the goal. Poor Hime-cchi for falling into the classical fake hallway trick…

Meanwhile, Tsumiki tries to “capture” Io-kun… But to no avail!

Yup, his density and stoicism is strong!

In the end, Sakaki and Io-kun decides to go all-out, distract Mayoi…

…and kick the can to victory! Well, that victory will be on the record books!

Of course, Mayoi wants another round of “Kick the Can!” Then again, that would be enough for today…

Anyway, let’s end this episode with a short talk with Ami Kirino. Oh, let’s remind you that…

…when Io-kun does his sweet talk, every girl (sans Mayoi) will lose pints of blood a day!

Yep, better prepare some blood banks on this one!

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2 Responses to Acchi Kocchi Episode #04

  1. Anise_Punter says:

    Noooooo, Tsukasa-expy had no chance against that fake wall. How sad.

  2. FailDRE86 says:

    I gotta start watching this show

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