Mouretsu Pirates Episode #17

This is Jenny Dolittle, former club president of the Hakuou Girls’ Academy Yacht Club. As you can see, she’s about to get married because her family said so. But she doesn’t like it since Jenny has ambitions to build…

…which is why she contact Lynn and made a request on Lynn’s behalf.

Well then, let’s make this kidnapping mission a show-stopper!

But first, the Bentenmaru crew has to salvage a small recon/escort ship. Man, there’s no time for that crap!

Time is money, and this ship might be a trap setting off!

But what the heck… Marika decides to go ahead with the salvage, and look what they found!

That’s right, it’s Jenny Dolittle in the flesh and in Lynn’s arms! Man, you should have told us that you’re escaping…

But who cares, Jenny is back with her crew!

And BTW, everyone is squeeing right now when they kissed together… in front of the club mates!

Yup, who cares about the staff removing romance on this anime… I mean, there’s nothing wrong about lesbians! But wait, how come she ditch the wedding and hop on an escort ship?

Oh wait, I forgot that Jenny is not a typical former Yacht Club president… She’s one hell of a former Yacht Club president!

Look how she fights against SPs with her gun holstered around her stocking and make a run for it to the hangar. Man, she’ll be one on the badasses in the future!

But anyway, this show-stopping mission is not yet over as the girls will have to race against the clock…

…from this man. That’s Jenny’s uncle BTW, and he’s scheming something to remove Jenny off from the company and claim it on himself and his son.

Anyways, let the race to the Space University begins!

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  1. DRA-KLAC-GONAUT says:

    so did any of these eps have gokaiger expy or shout-out yet?

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