Nazo no Kanojo X Episode #04

OMG… It seems that Ueno’s secret girlfriend is interested at Urabe!

Heck, even feeding Tsubaki’s mysterious girlfriend is a bit of surprise!

Anyway, this is Ayuko Oka. A sweet busty girl who loves to cook and she’s dating Kouhei Ueno ever since first year.

Yup, she has the same bust size comparable to Urabe! Once more, she wants to be friends with Urabe… starting with a drool.

Yes, that Urabe’s sweet drool where she saw Urabe and Tsubaki doing their routine fix by chance. Man, this can’t be good!

And as you can see, there is some subtle hints that this show has gone to the yuri route. But c’mon, this is an anime about the relationship between a normal boy and a mysterious girl so we have to stick to that!

Of course, Oka will not give up on Urabe just yet… She might be planning to be more than just friends with Urabe!

Anyway, that would be it for this episode… Maybe next week will have a beach episode!

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