Gundam AGE will end soon…

Aww, isn’t it cute that Daddy Asemu has a kid now…

Yeah, even though Asemu has a short time spending with Romary, at least he’s a good father and a super pilot too!

Yup, this is the final arc of this year-long series! This is Kio Asuno, 14 years old, and he’ll become the next Gundam Pilot. Oh, and as for Daddy Asemu, he went MIA on his last mission 14 years earlier… Poor Daddy Asemu, even though he avenge Woolf’s death by beating Desil, at least Asemu has a happy family. (unless he’s alive and creates a Crossbone Vanguard-type group)

BTW, Kio Asuno is voiced by Kazutomi Yamamoto… Although this voice actor (or actress, if someone can confirm Kazutomi’s gender) is known for his (or her) role as Tsuyoshi Nakanojo from Nichijou, Yuudai Chiba from Mitsudomoe, or Mochizuki from Another, don’t expect Kio to find Hitoha’s “special amazing book”, getting punk’d by Nakamura-sensei, or spreading Matsunaga’s confession tape…

I don’t want to tell the last part because it’s gonna make everyone insane on finding Mei Misaki. (which she doesn’t exist in Gundam AGE)

Alright, let’s continue with the story… And as you can see, Zeheart is leading the charge towards reclaiming Earth from the Federation. Yes, this is how Lord Ezelcant is planning to do!

Oh, and BTW… Flit Asuno is still here, and he’s strong as ever for his old age!

Even though he’s no longer the commander of the Federation after his purging of conspirators and corrupt officials, Flit is still determined to destroy Vagan once and for all!

And to end this post, this is where Gundam AGE-3 make its debut. With that, the evolution of the AGE system is finally complete… unless the staff would make a movie focusing on the fourth generation.

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