Kore wa Zombie Desu ka? of the Dead Episode #05

While Seraphim returned to her village for the annual gathering of Vampire Ninja Maids…

…our heroes are staying home because there’s nothing to do other than cleaning. Hell, even Haruna is vacuuming the floor LIKE A BOSS!

That is, until Eu-chan got a fever… Why did she have to caught a fever on this episode?

Uh, I don’t think Ayumu can’t strip Eu-chan by himself. Besides…

…Haruna might accuse Ayumu as a pervert by kicking him in the neck. Definitely not good!

Still, Ayumu might have a chance to cure Eu-chan’s fever by asking Anderson. That is a great idea!

Unfortunately, some of his suggestions like dancing, stripping, and blowing off her ear on all fours didn’t work out.

And besides…

Haruna might accuse Ayumu as a pervert… AGAIN!

Dammit, I wonder if Anderson is just trolling Ayumu for the lulz!?

In the end, Eu-chan’s fever has dissipated after a good night sleep!

Then again, it seems that Haruna has a fever now after taking care of Eu-chan.

But alas, that’s another story to tell…

Oh, and today’s guest for Delusion Eu-chan is Etsuko Kozakura… And yes, I would gladly like her to blow off my rice porridge!

I guess the Eu-chan Army will be limited to just three from now on… “Blow~! Blow~!”

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