Acchi Kocchi Episode #05

Look what we have here… It seems that somebody is drinking milk to make these boobies bigger!

Of course, it seems that a certain tsundere girl is having some chest problems… But don’t worry, Tsumiki’s chest grows a little bit!

Anyway, looks like it’s time for another extreme sport to play on this episode.

This time, it’s volleyball. And they’re making sure that they’ll dine… IN HELL!

Of course, we have to leave Hime-cchi for this game… She already suffered last time so Hime needs to rest for a while.

On the other hand, this volleyball game is so extreme… that they could use their feet as well as their head!

And BTW, the loser will buy a tonkatsu sandwich and some yakisoba bread for the winners.

And speaking of some penalty, Tsumiki tries to spike the ball for Io-san…

Too bad that it failed to deliver to her stoic crush. But hey, at least her team wins the match!

And to end this episode, here’s a Shoryuken… performed by a cat!

Yup, it seems that the author has played Street Fighter a lot before making this manga…

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  1. FailDRE86 says:

    That last pic was pure epicness

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