Saki: Achiga-hen Episode #05

It’s time for the quarter-finals match, as Achiga (plus two reps from Saitama and Hyougo Prefecture) faces North Osaka’s finest: Senriyama Girls’ Academy!

And judging from Toki’s play, it seems that she has the power to see the future and execute it one step ahead of the opponents. Yup, even Kuro is devastated now that her dora-gathering skill is useless against Toki!

Anyway, that’s the end of the first round. Next up…

Yuu-nee tries to turn things around! Of course, she might have the same fate as Kuro since Senriyama has all of the data from Achiga Girls’ Academy. But let’s wait and see…

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  1. ciddypoo says:

    I believe in Yuu-nee! Has to avenge her imouto after all.

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