Medaka Box Episode #06

Here’s an obligatory shot of Medaka before continuing on this post.

And yes, this episode takes place where last week’s episode went off!

Anyway, the inter-club swim meet continues where numerous clubs will compete for the grand prize!

The second event: The three-legged race…

…which then won by the swimming team! Looks like Akune and Hitoyoshi-kun doesn’t even know about teamwork.

The third event: The eel-catching game. Unfortunately, we know who will win on this event…

But for the final event, things will get different on the cavalry as the swimming team must face Medaka… floating in water like Jesus!

Oh wait, Medaka is a goddess-incarnate. And if she can get the swimming team’s bandana or push them off, the student council will get the highest points and win this event!

And as for those Zenkichi and Kouki, they’ll just leave her alone…

But hey, they have a nice angle there… Fuckin’ lucky for them!

So there she goes… Medaka tackles Kikaijima and preaches about “lives are important than money” while she grabs the swimming team’s bandana in hindsight!

Oh yes, and Medaka gives the healing kiss to Kikaijima to seal the deal! Yup, that would teach the swimming team to value their lives over money. But then again, I think they’ll still stick to the “money makes the world go round and we must earn it!” mantra… just for a little bit.

Well, I guess that’s a win for the student council, right?

Nah, I think they’re busy that they forgot about the other teams. But hey, at least the judo club split the budget across all of the clubs from Hakoniwa, so that’s a good news!

And there’s another good news to the student council… Kikaijima will join as the treasurer since she knows more about money than the rest!

Anyway, since we’re reaching the halfway point, I guess the next episode might shift into a fighting anime! Don’t know how long it will last though…

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