Tasogare Otome x Amnesia Episode #06

Uh-oh, it seems that someone is trying to sabotage the Paranormal Club by making a fake ghost story about the “Red Woman” who comes to steal souls at dusk.

But unfortunately…

The “Red Woman” involves a sacrifice to save themselves and so she decides to put Yuuko as their sacrifice. Trouble is, Yuuko Kanoe is alread dead. And she, named Yuuko Kirishima, becomes the sacrifice instead for those crazy classmates.

Yup, hoist by her own petard…

Luckily, there’s Yuuko Kanoe, donning as the “Red Woman” and give them a warning… never offer a false sacrifice ever again!

I guess Kirishima learned her lesson there, she should have underestimated ghost stories.

Anyway, that would be the last time Kirishima will ever appear on this episode.

No more, no more… Let’s move on!

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