Medaka Box Episode #07

Uh-oh, this is so awkward…

Anyway Zenkichi, pay her up with your body- I mean, money!

Anyway, Kikaijima is here as the treasurer for the Hakoniwa Student Council. Unfortunately, she’s not good at meeting new people at their own level which is why she feels so awkward when attempting to make friends with Zenkichi.

Yup, look at the atmosphere… It’s boring without breaking the ice!

Well, at least Shiranui broke it instead. Nice job for not noticing the awkwardness!

And she’s here to make a contract and turn Kikaijima into a magical girl by blackmailing her with pics of that dashing kiss from last episode. But Kikaijima ain’t gonna do it, even though she wished for more money…

Anyway, there’s two spots left in the Student Council… I hope Zenkichi can become a vice-president instead of a manager!

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