Kore wa Zombie Desu ka? of the Dead Episode #09

Oh Ayumu… You’re so screwed for not finding Chris’ weakness!

Heck, even Dai-sensei is trolling at him right now!

Anyway, this is Naegleria Nebiros who is the strongest Megalo warrior during the Villiers-Seventh Abyss War. She’s also Eucliwood’s friend and she has the biggest rack in the KoreZom universe!

Now, Nene is doing yaoi doujinshis instead of killing Masou Shoujos…

Oh, and she’s not interested of defeating Chris again. Hell, she’s too tired and sleepy of fighting!

BTW, don’t forget to attend Saras’ concert. If you don’t, she’ll cut your booty!

Then again, it seems that Ayumu’s booty will be cut soon since he’s forced to finish up Nene’s doujinshi along with Eu-chan, Haruna, and Seraphim.

So yeah, he’s stuck doing yaoi doujinshi…

…while Saras’ concert has already started. Oh boy, Ayumu’s booty is already doomed to be cut and put it as a trophy!

Fortunately, he made it just in time. And once more, he got an indirect kiss from Saras. Lucky bastard!

Still, with one episode left, how the hell will Studio DEEN end this season of KoreZom since we still have Chris to worry about?

And speaking of Chris, she’s sharing a drink with her former enemy Nene. Damn you Studio DEEN!

BTW, today’s episode is brought you by Yui Horie!

Although I love Hocchan, it seems that it’s inevitable that DEEN won’t call Megumi Hayashibara and invite her as the guest voice actor for the final episode of Kore wa Zombie Desu ka? of the Dead.

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  1. Anise_Punter says:

    This has been a major, major disappointment, delusion Eu-trio excepted.

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