Acchi Kocchi Episode #09

Let’s get fabulous on this festival edition of Acchi Kocchi!

And for your information, they’re not here to do some cosplay… They’re here to make money by selling crapes!

Oh, and don’t worry… Io is not gonna look at Mayoi and Hime and say “Can I be your girlfriend?” or anything.

But hey, at least Io will give his freshly-cooked crape to Tsumiki first!

Yup, as expected from this ace. He has the charm and the cooking skills to boot!

And so, their crape shop is a success on the first day of the festival. And what will they do to celebrate?

By tying up Tsumiki with balloons and make her fly! Now if only Tsumiki can shout “I can fly!” while Io-san replied “Yes, yes, yes!!” while going up to the sky…

Then again, it’s not a good idea to send Tsumiki sky high!

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