Medaka Box Episode #10

So I guess they’ll just get along between the Disciplinary and the Student Council, right?

Wrong! And you know why? Because Unzen wants to destroy them all in the name of justice…

…by blowing up the Student Council office and destroying a large chunk of the Hakoniwa Academy building!

Well, I guess that’s the end of Medaka Box on this episode!

Oops, maybe not… On top of that, other than saving her staff, Medaka-chan is fuckin’ angry at Unzen!

And not only he will taste the wrath of a thousand gods by yours truly, but he might actually die with big holes gaping in on his body!

Anyway, this is how Medaka Box roll on this episode… No green pastures nor friendship crap on this one, this is WAR!

Still, we got two episodes left. How will GAINAX handle these last episodes when Medaka is freakin’ pissed right now?

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