Kore wa Zombie Desu ka? of the Dead Episode #10

Oh, great… What is Dai-sensei thinking right now? Is there another way of destroying Chris!?

Anyway, this is the final episode. And what would be worse for not finding Chris’ weakness…

…is Dai-sensei erasing Ayumu’s memories after failing to stop a slime. What the fuck!?

C’mon Dai-sensei, it’s not fair for erasing his memories! What’cha gonna do now, huh?

Even Haruna is crying for Ayumu having amnesia!

And so Haruna, Seraphim, and Eucliwood decided to enter Ayumu’s mind to bring back his memories. But they failed to bring Ayumu back…

…so instead they bring “Another Ayumu”, who is far creepier than the original. I mean, his getup puts him in the host club!

But they decided to bring Ayumu back the hard way! Yeah, chainsaw him good Haruna and Eu-chan!

In the end, Ayumu is back to normal thanks to those beautiful freeloaders. But…

…it seems that we’ll not gonna have a fight with Chris! Damn you Studio DEEN!

So anyway, that’s the end of Kore wa Zombie Desu ka? of the Dead. No dramatic twist or anything other than Ayumu having amnesia, this is how this season ended.

Man, if only they could just extend it to 12 episodes instead of 10!

And what’s worse for having a disappointing ending, they don’t have 10 Delusion Eu-chan at the end! *facepalm*

BTW, the guest voice actress for this final episode is none other than Rei Sakuma. DEEN, Y U NO HAVING MEGUMI HAYASHIBARA!?

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