Mouretsu Pirates Episode #24

Dammit, Coorie… How come you’re so cute and sexy without those glasses of yours!?

Anyway, the Bentenmaru Crew (plus Chiaki-chan) have finally arrived at the pirates’ nest… Although the ship have some damage after a fight with the Grand Cross, at least they’re safely arrived without further hiccups along the way!

On the other hand, it seems that the pilot of the Grand Cross have finally shown herself to the world. And yes, they treat pirates as nothing more than trash that can be used as guinea pigs for her ship!

Although Kane’s relationship with Mr. Ironbeard has finally debunked, it seems that there’s a spy on board and he’s lurking anyone and gathering info to Grand Cross…

…something like Kane, perhaps? Oh wait a minute, there are two Kanes on this series!?

Man, I think one of them is a spy and a robot. If only we need a sign… *looking at Kane’s unsuspected hair*

Meanwhile, Ririka is enjoying her new job! Of course, her employer is some kind of a glory hog to the Empire…

…something like Mr. Ironbeard whose ship is heading towards the pirates’ nest. Man, I can’t wait to see Marika’s reaction when she saw her mom working with the pirate from a certain Galactic Empire!

Anyway, we got two episodes to go… and it’s now crunch time on whether the pirates survive or become hapless targets against the Grand Cross!

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