Acchi Kocchi Episode #12

And here comes the final episode of Acchi Kocchi, where the girls make chocolate on Valentine’s Day while the guys make sweets on White Day!

And while Mayoi is conducting her chocolate experiment, Tsumiki and Hime-cchi are doing their usual chocolate making…

…only for Tsumiki to lose hers back home. Io, don’t even dare find her chocolate. It’s no longer a surprise, dammit!

But Tsumiki finally gave her chocolate to Io… in the rain… drenched and losing a half-pint of blood when Io reaches her face!

You smooth criminal, just fall in love with Tsumiki!

But in the end, he’s just too stoic to fall in love with Tsumiki. But hey, at least he gave some sweets to that tsundere-neko!

Anyways, that’s how Acchi Kocchi ends! And while Sakaki eats his marshmallow-flavored pig feet with gusto (if only he could give it to Mayoi as a surprise…), I think the relationship between Io and Tsumiki has moved a bit on this final episode… not so much to declare them as an official couple!

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