Nazo no Kanojo X Episode #13

“Say Urabe, I’m Akira’s older sister and I would like to talk about girly stuff like my ex-boyfriend and how we drifted apart after graduation… Oh, and I’ll give you a mochi cake if you join Akira-kun on visiting his mother’s grave.”

The last part is all made up by the way…

But hey, at least she end up joining Tsubaki-kun anyway. And once more…

…they swapped drools on each other in front of his mother’s grave! Man, if only they do the mouth-to-mouth instead of swapping drools.


But that’s how Nazo no Kanojo X ends. They become an official couple after this episode, yet I’m expecting more than just drinking saliva… Y’know, kissing, having sex, other stuff that lovers do.

Still, this is the only ending that I’m satisfied with, unlike the manga where I don’t know and how it will end. But anyways, time to say good-bye to Akira Tsubaki and Mikoto Urabe… Also known as “The Mysterious Girlfriend X”.

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