The two new Gundams for the 3rd Generation…

In the red corner, representing Vagan is Gundam Legilis piloted by Lord Ezelcant, who revealed his ultimate plan of creating a world full of X-Rounders, all while stomping Kio’s Gundam AGE-3 as this young X-Rounder escapes from Second Moon.

Unfortunately, Lord Ezelcant will not pilot this brand-spanking Gundam for long, not even Zeheart Galette would pilot Gundam Legilis.

And in the blue corner, representing the Earth Federation is Gundam AGE-FX piloted by Kio Asuno, where he turns from a badass kid pilot into a second coming of Kira Yamato. But your mileage may vary if he’s going on that direction since he wants to save both Earth and the Mars Sphere.

Anyway, we’re at the final stretch on Gundam AGE! I hope there’s a good ending on this series, and not cause a genocide between Lord Ezelcant and Flit Asuno.

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