K-On! The Movie

Hello guys, I would like to welcome back those girls from Sakurakou Girls’ High School Light Music Club on this movie presentation. Oh, and you may also call them as Houkago Tea Time!

Anyways, the girls are on a graduation trip to London, home of The Beatles, afternoon tea, and the host of the 2012 Summer Olympics. Although the Olympic Park at East London is not yet finished at the time of its premiere in December 2011.

But nevertheless, KyoAni did a great job (as always) to recreate the city, as well as hiring some English-speaking voice actors with British accents. Although it’s up to you whether they did it right or did it in a boring way.

Oh, and the girls themselves can speak English in a gratuitous way since they don’t know how to speak fluently. Mind you, Aki Toyosaki did sing in English once… and it was terrible!

But hey, the girls are not here to do some sightseeing… They’re here to perform as well in front of the local crowds!

Oh yeah, they didn’t get free sushi after their gig. What a shame…

Still, they continue to do sightseeing and performing afterwards before going back to Japan.

Well, looks like they’re happy staying in Great Britain for a short time. Unfortunately, they forgot one thing to do during their stay in London… They forgot to make a song for Azu-cat. Oh wait, it’s Azu-nyan!

But in the end, they decided to create a song like they used to do for Azu-nyan when they got back to Japan… which is why they created “Tenshi ni Fureta yo!” during the last parts of the film.

But before they perform it to Azusa-chan, they’ll do an unforgettable performance (together with Azu-nyan) on their last day of school!

It went well without any incident…

…unlike in Sawa-chan’s time where they make a ruckus. As expected from a death metal band, and good thing Houkago Tea Time didn’t become a metal band like Miss Sawako’s Death Devil. Good lord!

Anyway, that’s done and dusted for this film of K-On!

And while you still yearning for more adventures of Houkago Tea Time after it was suddenly cut short during it’s manga run, I think this film is a fitting end for Yui Hirasawa, Mio Akiyama, Ritsu Tainaka, Tsumugi Kotobuki, and Azusa Nakano, who give us those heartwarming and funny moments as well as their sweet music that they played from the two seasons to this movie.

For now, it’s farewell for Houkago Tea Time. But we’ll meet them again if Kakifly restarted it once again!

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  1. Anise_Punter says:

    Great movie. Yui is ❤

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