Yuruyuri♪♪ Episode #06

Due to Olympics which conflicts their production of Yuruyuri, an episode of Mirakurun will be produced instead.

That’s right, no Akarin nor the Amusement Club on this episode! I have to wait it for next week!

And so, the plot goes when Team Giga Giga stole balls (and curling stones?!) from all over the world and use it to beat the hell out of Mirakurun!

And look, it’s super-effective as Mirakurun knocks out by being pummeled by countless balls!

Yeah, she’s dead! Looks like Rivalun and Ganbo claimed victory, which is bad because there’s no one who’ll save the world!

Fortunately, it doesn’t work because Mirakurun won’t be beaten easily as she swapped her body with a double!

And so, Mirakurun slams them away with a hammer and return the balls to its respective owners.

Well then, I guess that’s a wrap for Mirakurun…

Now go and play some bowling with Rivalun. After all, this is a fitting end for a magical girl show that doesn’t involves contracts nor full destructive power!

Anyways, Yuruyuri will return next week!

Just kidding, there’s still more on this episode before moving onto the next one. I mean, there’s Kyouko Toshino cosplaying as Rivalun!

On the other hand, there’s Akarin and Chinatsu dressing up as Ganbo and Mirakurun respectively… just to close out this post.

Then again, Chinatsu doing unnecessary things such as scratching her back with her wand will put off some fans!

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