Yuruyuri♪♪ Episode #07

This story is a simple illustration of the three sisters of the Oomuro household. Please do not expect too much out of it.

Scratch that, this episode will not focus on Sakurako’s sisters named Hanako and Nadeshiko respectively. If it does, it will be temporarily renamed this series as “Oomuro-ke” on this episode.

So anyway, today’s episode will be focusing on sisters… Oh and not a single male appeared on this episode because who needs boys on this series!

And while you know most of the characters like Chizuru, Kaede-chan, and Yui’s niece Mari, this episode introduces Chinatsu’s big sister named Tomoko Yoshikawa.

No wonder Chinatsu learned from her sister’s yuri antics… Remember the “rape” from Season 1?

But I’m not here for neither the Oomuro sisters nor Chinatsu’s big sister, I’m here for muthafuckin’ Akane!

That’s right, this is the formal introduction of Akane Akaza…

…and damn she loves her sister so much that Akane dressed her Akarin dakimakura and kiss it, all while sipping her tea and reading yuri manga with Akarin’s panties on her head!

If it wasn’t for that retcon, it would appear as a disgusting big brother with glasses and lards of fat being stuck inside his body.

Anyways, I’m glad that Yui Horie finally voiced Akane-san! Definitely worth watching!

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  1. MAR-KLAC-VELOUS says:

    FINALLY after so much wait from s1 to showing at last SHE here & her voice as well!!!

    oh my yea SHE is indeed the yuri-cension has finally rise.

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