Yuruyuri♪♪ Episode #08

Apparently, this is somewhat a Chinatsu episode thanks to this skit, where the girls prevented her from drawing by singing and other stuff.

It fails to prevent Chinatsu by the way…

…because Chinatsu made a klutzy move on Kyouko’s manga panel, which she accidentally spilled ink onto it!

So much for Kyouko’s work for the Winter Comuket!

Meanwhile, here’s Akarin as she sings in a normal but pleasant way!

It would be nice if Chizuru, Nishigaki-sensei, and Rise are in this karaoke skit, but I guess they’re busy on the holidays.

Lastly, here’s Chinatsu as she’s with Yui-sempai to watch a movie. Don’t worry Yui, your left arm will be healed in no time. Try to stick along with Chinatsu, okay!

Anyways, Merry Christmas!

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