Kono Naka ni Hitori, Imouto ga Iru! Episode #08

Well, looks like my predictions we’re right. Kunitachi is the culprit who stole Sagara’s cellphone and use it to announce to the campus that she’s Shougo’s sister! Oh, and she’s engaged to Mr. Genda’s son, which is why Kunitachi wants to jump into Shougo’s bones.

Still, at least it’s all resolved now. And as for the engagement, Mr. Genda cancelled it… for now! Anyways, looks like Rinka Kunitachi has become part of Shougo’s harem. Now all is left is President Tendou…

And BTW, if you arrange “KyoAsu” by switching the letters “y” and “o”, you will get the greatest siscon seiyuu ever! That’s right, this seiyuu is also known to play characters with little sisters in it. Try looking at some Wikipedia or ANN to find out.

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