Yuruyuri♪♪ Episode #10

This is how Sakurako and Himawari became friends back then. Isn’t it sweet?

And this is how they became enemies today. I guess they don’t want to become a married couple… yet!

On the other hand, it seems that this series is officially in comic book time. That’s right, they’re remain seniors and they’ll never graduate.

I mean, they’re already have a school trip in Season 1… and they’re having it again!? What a deja vu!

One more thing, since Kyouko and Yui-sempai are at the school trip, Chinatsu massages Akarin because she’s bored!

I have a bad feeling about Akarin… I mean, she got raped before in Season 1!

Oh wait, Chinatsu did… and it was extremely painful! Anyways, let’s end this post with Akarin after being “massaged” by Chinatsu.

God, so mind-blowing…

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