The Blue Meteor is unleashed…

You shouldn’t killed Deen in front of Kio, Zanald… You’ll pay with your life!

Anyways, the final battle is upon us and while the Asuno family are fighting for what they believe in like Flit becoming a savior by committing genocide, Kio is still saving lives on both sides.

Unfortunately, Kio is in rage mode for seeing Deen’s death thanks to Zanald! For some reason, I think Kio is channeling Kamille Bidan’s newtype rage, which is very scary to watch…

And thus Kio destroyed Zanald… only to escape to lick his wounds. What a muthafuckin’ bastard he was, Zanald can’t get away with murder you know!

Anyways, there’s two episodes to go on Gundam AGE… Let’s just say that the trainwreck will begin next week!

And BTW, the reason for the title is because FX Burst Mode kinda resembles the V-MAX system from SPT Layzner with its blue aura, although it mimics the Trans-Am Burst system from the 00 Gundam.

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