Gundam AGE – The Penultimate Episode

If the previous encounter didn’t succeed, there’s still another chance!

Thank you for killing Zanald with you colony laser, Zeheart! Unfortunately…

Zeheart bite the dust by Asemu! Even though he sacrificed Fram Nara and Leil Light to destroy the Gundams, it seems that his chances of creating Eden are finally lost!

BTW, kudos to Obright for being a badass normal by beating both Zeheart’s subordinates in a Genoace O-Custom. Sadly, he’s joining Remi up in heaven. We salute you!

Anyways, final episode next week! What suspense will wait for the Asuno Family?

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1 Response to Gundam AGE – The Penultimate Episode

  1. MAR-KLAC-VELOUS says:

    well give only seen pic read mention on it yet find it not worth the watching due to reasons

    1.lack of characters develops blame on timeskip hype characters they last only few eps or put on a bus.
    2.mis-used of women in this series good grief is this series being a bullied or they don’t like women in gundam?
    3.too much timeskips really lacks more to work give skip it all.

    etc etc really no longer PG-gundam series really bad project to watch give good news the PG-age is almost over indeed goodbye & next gundam series give us a main lead female gundam pilot.

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