Kono Naka ni Hitori, Imouto ga Iru! Episode #11

Oh Yuzurina… Are you setting up a trap to Shougo-san by using the power of the apron!?

Oh wait, it’s one of Shougo’s delusional moments! On the other hand, her suspected role as Perin-chan in Grand Bellion might give a clue on what she’s plotting for Shougo-oniisama. I hope it’s not that serious, or rather I hope she won’t succeed…

Still, there’s one episode left (and another one) on NakaImo. And now, I’ll leave you with Miyabi dragging Shougo on a Sunday date!

But the only thing this show needs to have a harem ending! That way, this will solve the problem of finding his sister… because Shougo treats everyone (sans President Tendou) as his sisters!

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  1. MAR-KLAC-VELOUS says:

    but wait there more an ova ep coming up on it.

    give why i got huh feel pull a swerve like hey shougo you more than one sister?

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