Highschool DxD Episode #13

Welcome back, Issei… It’s been a long time after punching Riser in the gut last episode, and now you’re showing off how lucky you are having Rias, Asia, and the rest of the club!

Since it’s announced that it will have another season, I guess it’s time to do some blogging on those extra episodes starting with Episode 13.

As always, NSFW means no kids under 18 are allowed beyond this point!

Now on to this episode, and as you can see they’re fighting against a plant dragon chimera…

…that sucks boobies, large boobies to be exact!

Yes, even DFCs too. But it seems that it’s not enough to satisfy the chimera with Koneko’s flat chest!

You know what Issei, just punch that chimera using your Boosted Gear instead of defending that monster just because it’s bearing fruit to make DFCs into big-banged hotties!

Otherwise, you might get the boot by Koneko-chan since she (and Asia) have chest problems too! If you help Rias-sempai and Akeno out…

…you might have a chance to touch those sought-after boobies! Well, I guess Issei took the bait!

(BTW, Yuuto helped them out from being bound by vines and being sucked those boobies dry.)

And so, Issei “boosted” Rias-sempai with his Boosted Gear…

…and Rias-sempai blasted that perverted dragon out of the sky! Well, that takes care of that freak of nature.

Now, let’s grope those yummy boob cakes!

Oh wait, Issei can’t do that since he’s defending that monster most of the time… since he’s a pervert after all! Tch, there goes those cream puffs!

Anyways, that’s it for Episode 13. Now, I hope there’s another one before the second season… I heard that the novel is not yet finished!

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