Onii-chan dakedo Ai sae Areba Kankeinai yo ne! Episode #05

Okay Jinno-san, are you planning to seduce Akito-kun even though he has a little sister, not to mention having him making incest novels!?

And BTW, your seduction would not work since you’re doing it from the book. Put some clothes on, you’re embarrassing Akito and myself!

On the other hand, President Nikaido is on the offensive, using the storage house (make sure it’s locked) as a tactical advantage!

Then again, it seems that the roles have been reversed after all. Unfortunately, not a single cherry was popped on this episode thanks to Akiko-chan rescuing just in time!

BTW, it’s Akiko who locked the storage house door, therefore it’s her fault for having Nikaido the advantage she needed to devour Akito-kun. Stupid Akiko-chan…

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