Suki-tte Ii na yo Episode #10

That face of a smug… I don’t like it!

And that’s why I hate Megumi Kitagawa. Even though she was bullied before, the fact that Megu manipulating Mei’s friends won’t give her a pardon!

On the other hand, Kai is making his move by comforting Mei over her friends abandoning her…

Oh, and he punched Yamato for good measure too! Although it not as impressive as you may think.

ZEXCS, you can do better than that!

Anyways, looks like Yamato got served big time by Kai! Of course, you may thank him for supporting his middle-school friend ’cause Kai wouldn’t be here without Yamato’s help.

Still, there’s three episodes to go… and both Yamato and Mei are going to Disney Land some generic fabulous theme park!

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