Sakurasou no Pet na Kanojo Episode #11

I was expecting Mashiro to wear like this…

Instead, she wear that thick kigurumi costume. But hey, at least she’s not wearing anything underneath other than her panties!

On the other hand, there’s plenty of fanservice like Nanami Aoyama in her “nice body” maid uniform…

…and Dragon-kun, whose getup makes my penis and my heart confused!

Why are you so fappable, Ryuunosuke!?

Still, there is some plot on this episode however, like a love triangle between Jin, Misaki, and her big sister Fuuka, who is a college student that has the looks similar to her little sister.

But you know what Jin, just have sex with Misaki already… She might get abducted by random guys and rape her silly!

And there’s Sorata, thinking about Mashiro if she’s leaving Japan after the school festival… Gee Sorata, you sure can’t get over her didn’t you?

Anyways, it’s showtime for Nyaboron on the next episode!

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