K Episode #12

This is not an angel nor an alien with a jetpack, Seri Awashima…

…for he is Yashiro Isana, the Silver King who will stop the war and save Ashinaka High School! Of course, he might fail on stopping the fight between Reishi and Mikoto, not even the fight between “Monkey” Saruhiko and MI~SA~KII~!

On the other hand, I have a feeling that Kukuri might be the final boss on the last episode. For some reason, Satomi Satou is doing a good job doing that crazy voice!

But still, if Ichigen Miwa is his doing then I’ll say “Fuck you!” for sparking the war and messing things around! He even might lose a student too if Kurou finds out, given that he’s the previous Colorless King.

Anyways, final episode next week! We have to wait and see if this is gonna end like it’s Armageddon!

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