Medaka Box Episode #23

AAAANNNNDDD, we have a fight between Medaka and Oudo. But wait, Oudo can’t fight!

But then again, he can fight now thanks to him stealing Itami’s fighting abnormality. Now he got Koga-chan’s powers!

Still, Oudo can’t fight against Medaka-chan with Koga’s fighting skills alone. Worse yet, he’s fighting Medaka-chan in War God Mode…

Even worse yet, he’s facing Medaka-chan in “The End” God Mode. And I have to tell you something…

She can mind-rape anyone who comes near to her. Sorry Miyakonojou but you won’t steal Medaka’s abnormality, ’cause your mind’s being eaten away and being defiled!

There’s no choice for that ’cause Medaka is gonna say “I, Medaka Kurokami, commands you…

…to kneel before me and apologize everything!” Well, that was an extreme “dogeza” from Oudo.

That’s it, the Flask Plan is all over. Now let’s go home and have a hot pot with Shiranui!

Then again, it seems that Gainax… has fuckin’ pulled an ending that would not get us another season!

Why Kumagawa, why Megumi Ogata… WHY!!! *cries*

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1 Response to Medaka Box Episode #23

  1. MAR-KLAC_VELOUS says:

    enter main computer & oh zod-oudo can also steal powers which total backstab on cyborg girl also cause medaka’s sister to feel emotion & sidekick go down cause felt it.

    cue black hair medaka cena so powerful all moves she seen total complete match to point black medaka allow oudo to try steal her power but got “the end” medaka cue give up & say i’m sorry everyone yep medaka cena all good.

    all good everyone all fine get along til by time ride back to see 1st floor total massacre with plus 6 & loser all screwed bloody beaten cause someone just cash in their “money in the bank” that it’s Kumagawa Misogi.

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