Suki-tte Ii na yo Episode #12

“‘Cause I know, somewhere deep down in my heart…”

“…I still love you!”

Unfortunately, there’s not a best cry ever on this anime. Not even once!

Thanks to Momo-chan reaching out, Megumi Kitagawa is back from being a hikikomori and face the world.

But hey, at least you have a friend who doesn’t use you. Be grateful!

And to show her appreciation to her dear friend, Megu sports and brand-spanking new haircut.

Who needs to pretend like a nice girl, just be yourself dammit! It fits you personally!

Still, there’s one more episode left on Sukitte! And while Mei looks so cute in a yukata (which Yamato was surprised and impressed by her cuteness, obviously), I have a feeling that next week would have a heartwarming ending!

ZEXCS, make sure you make the ending better that you can make the viewers cry in tender tears!

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