Sword Art Online Episode #25

It’s a-me, Kirito!
It’s a-me, Kirito!
I just clear the world of Alfheim and now it’s time to see my wife.
Sugou is such a cheeky bastard, but he’s such a weak-a-sauce.
Thanks to Kayaba and Suguha, I have cleared the entire game.
‘Cause it’s nice to see Asuna alive again!

Thank you Kaplan Bros. for your Super Mario Bros.: The 8-Bit Opera. You inspired me to make some lyrics of how Kirito was a badass!

Still, this story is not yet over. We still haven’t seen Asuna Yuuki yet!

But first, Kirito (sorry, not gonna use his real name) has to beat Sugou first, but not killing him because Kazuto Kirigaya might get arrested.

Let the police handle Sugou… After he is found guilty, let someone like Fear Kubrick, or Noumi’s vengeful ghost (as Dusk Taker) torture him in both mind and body.

If Kadokawa makes a cross-over game with all Dengeki Bunko characters, plus Fujimi Shobo, Media Factory, and other publishers owned by the group, expect Sugou to be pegged harder by either Izaya or Gauron. C’mon, it’s a possibility!

But anyways, Kazuto Kirigaya saved Asuna Yuuki from the clutches that is Nobuyuki Sugou, and conquered Alfheim Online! Too bad the game itself pulled the plug for its illegal experiments.

I guess there won’t be any Virtual MMOs in the future, not even Accel World!

Then again, there’s a possibility that Accel World will continue with the revival of the Virtual MMO genre. (if Reki Kawahara confirms that SAO is the prequel to Accel World)

And there you have it, this is the end of the road for this anime adaptation of Sword Art Online. Unless A-1 Pictures plans for a 2nd Season, or Reki Kawahara announces that he’ll conclude the series, we’ll have to stick with this ending by conquering Aincrad once again from the first floor to the last boss!

Heck, even the guys and gals from= SAO are joining in…

As well as these players from Alfheim, they sure want to clear Aincrad too!

Well, I’ll leave you with this… See you around Kirito-kun, Asuna, and Leafa/Suguha!

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