Sakurasou no Pet na Kanojo Episode #12

Sorata, I hope that you’re happy sleeping together with Mashiro… Oh wait, Mashiro won’t let him sleep in the morning!

But anyways, this is for Sakurasou to shine on this climatic day of the school festival!

Oh, and Merry Christmas! (will watch and blog Saki: Achiga Hen Ep. 13 later…)

As you may already know, Nyaboron is their biggest project created by the tenants at Sakurasou. (plus Rita)

Good thing their project was a success, even though they almost failing at the last part of the program. (Thank you Mashiro for shouting how you really feel to Sorata)

On the other hand, it seems that Misaki and Jin are becoming a couple now. Good thing he didn’t give that pendant to Mashiro on Episode 3…

But seriously, go and bang Misaki silly, Jin!

For this guy who has a crush on Nanami, I bet that he’ll be forever alone… Poor Daichi Miyahara!

Oh yes, I forgot about Mashiro leaving Japan, only for Sorata to stop her from boarding the airplane towards Great Britain.

Too bad that Rita trolls Sorata, thinking that she’s taking Mashiro back as an artist in England!

But hey, at least Rita leaves Japan with a smile on her face! (and a kiss to Dragon-kun, no less) Rita, you cheeky bitch!

Anyways, now that the festival is over (with both Jin and Misaki graduating at a later date), I guess the love triangle between Sorata, Nanami and Mashiro is gonna brew up on the second half… implying that Shiina is feeling an incurable disease called “love” that is!

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