AKB0048 Episode #01 (Director’s Cut Edition)

Hello guys and girls, this post is all about AKB0048 Episode #01… Director’s Cut edition!

As you can, there’s more content than the TV version, like Nagisa’s monologue on becoming an idol herself after watching AKB0048’s guerrilla concert 4 years ago!

There’s also extended versions of their try-outs too. Sadly, I didn’t see Orine perform in front of the handheld video camera unfortunately…

But hey, at least it has a yuri moment. Of course, kissing between girls is a-okay but it’s not okay when girls have boyfriends… right, AKB48 otakus?

There’s also more minutes for Nagisa as she’s conflicted between her dreams and her daddy’s strict rules. Although it makes it more dramatic…

…I think this shot got itself a slight art shift? Do you have consistency problems, Satelight?

And BTW, remember Nagisa’s mom giving her tomatoes and rice balls in which she refuses to eat? Well, she did ate it though.

Other than that, it’s the same as the TV version. Although they did remove the credits during this scene, which is a good thing since they need to show it without any obstructions or whatsoever!

Anyways, that would be it for AKB0048 Episode #01 Director’s Cut Edition. Next year, the understudies’ journey continues starting with AKB0048 Episode #14. (or AKB0048 Next Stage Episode #01)

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