Robotics;Notes Episodes #01 – #11

This is Kaito Yashio, reminding you that starting today… I’ll be blogging Robotics;Notes, replacing Seitokai no Ichizon Lvl. 2. (since it was aired online in 360p)

Also, he’s not here to help the Robotics Club… He’s here for Kill-Ballad, but he’ll eventually dragged into mysteries like using the sun to destroy the world and conspiracies that played the role in ending the world as they know it.

Also, and I would like to introduce the rest of the Robotics Club. This is Akiho Senomiya, the current president of the Robotics Club.

And while she mimics a certain Red Comet (not to mention having a syndrome that alters her perception of time)…

…she also wanted to finish “Gunvarrel Production Robot – Unit 1”. (or GunPro-1)

Sadly, GunPro-1 failed spectacularly on Episode 9, in which she has to rethink on making a manageable robot instead of recreating her favorite robot from Gunvarrel.

There’s also Subaru Hidaka who doesn’t want to join the Robotics Club. However…

…he’s also called himself as Mr. Pleiades when he’s on the Robo-One ring. Unfortunately he has to quit his hobby of making robots and compete at the world stage ’cause his father said so.

Poor Subaru… He maybe FABULOUS, but his dreams are crushed! Still, he’s here to assist the club on making GunPro-2.

Finally, the last two members joined are Junna Daitoku, who is a washout karate club member…

…and Frau Koujiro, who is not only the creator of Kill-Ballad, but she came to Tanegashima because she’s related to her mother’s disappearance…

…in regards the final episode of Gunvarrel for which it relates to the possibility of creating a solar storm and destroying the entire world.

Maybe I have a feeling that Frau’s mom got yandere on the staff, pulling off a “Kill’em all!” on the final episode, and killing all of them and herself! Heck, even Aki-chan denies that this is the final episode!

But hey, at least Frau has gone “me gusta” on Junna-sempai! Hmm, I smell a yuri pairing there… Duhuhu!

Oh yes, I forgot about Airi too, an AI designed by Kou Kimijima that delivers the reports to Kai via triggering flags across the island. And while Kugyuu is voicing Airi-chan (and her counterpart Sister Centipede), I kinda feel that she’ll be a good sister to the main character. (even though she’s a program)

Anyways, next episode will no longer be an anime about making robots, it’s all about stopping the conspiracy of creating a solar storm apocalypse! But hey, they’ll still make GunPro-2 in time for the expo…

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