Medaka Box Episode #24

And this is how Medaka Box ends… without Medaka-chan nor the Student Council of Hakoniwa Academy! In fact, GAINAX decided to show a side-story of “Loser” Kumagawa. (they even add Nana Mizuki too, playing as Najimi Ajimu)

Unfortunately, there’s no announcement from GAINAX if there would be another season for Medaka Box, so it’s much of a loss now since this certain “Naked Apron”-sempai has appeared to spread his lies across the Hakoniwa campus.

But anyways, it’s done and dusted on this “extended” first season! I might not expect to see you again, Medaka-chan… But I’ll shit bricks when GAINAX pulled a “surprising” announcement. And BTW, thank you for giving me (and the rest) for the infamous ending last week!

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1 Response to Medaka Box Episode #24

  1. MAR-KLAC_VELOUS says:

    well you expect from gainax give the same GOD MY OH on whole panty & stocking ending yea i’m still wanting a s2 of it.

    as for medaka cena hmm unless “pull the trigger” for s3 yea oh my yea we’re all SCREWED cause now Kumagawa is unleash & yea Najimi Ajimu hi-jack the show.

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