The World God Only Knows: Tenri Arc Episode #02

And now, it’s time for the conclusion of Tenri Arc in TWGOK! And BTW, this would be the final post for 2012!

So anyway, this episode has a backstory that covers half of this episode. And while both Keima and Tenri are getting to know each other at the present, they’re slightly becoming friends back then…

…although Keima doesn’t remember anything after being bumped in the head. Keima, you suck at remembering things except for games!

As you can see, Tenri is only witness that happened on that day: From being possessed by a “not-so” golden loose soul named Diana, to the outbreak of spirits from the Old Hell. (or Weiss, as Diana calls it)

But enough for the past, let’s go to the present… And damn, Nora can’t get a break on pursuing Keima and Tenri.

You know what, she doesn’t know what love is which is why Nora was bonked with a rock along with her lackey!

But if you want to experience love, Keima will show it to stupid Nora…

…and look, a loose soul just popped up to Tenri’s body. Quick, get ’em before Haqua gets it!

So I guess Keima finally “conquered” Tenri with a kiss, although Elsee should have capture the loose soul first before Nora does.

On the contrary, it’s not even a real capture after all. It’s just that Keima tricked Nora so he can save both Tenri and Diana. Then again, I guess Tenri still remembers Keima…

…even though she’s moving next door as a childhood friend. I glad that Tenri’s shyness goes away after that kiss, but I still thinking that Diana’s story continues. Heck, her origins is not even explained fully yet!

Anyways, that would be the end of Tenri Arc for TWGOK. As for the possibility of having another season, there is one brewing up at the moment, which is good news considering that there’s more girls to be conquered!

P.S.: Elsee is getting less screentime thanks to this arc… Poor Elsee, maybe you should join up with Silica and Lizbeth.

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