Love Live! School Idol Project Episode #02

Please don’t block Umi’s leg, Honoka! And BTW, is this show about saving the school using idols… or DEM LEGS!?

Nevertheless, being an idol is not all fun and games… You have to be fit, have ample amounts of stamina, and must dance, sing, and keep a smile on their faces in front of the crowds!

And BTW Honoka, this is Umi punishing you for blocking her legs! Unlike you and Kotori, she has the stamina to become an idol thanks to her archery training.

On the other hand, it seems that Maki Nishikino helped the trio by composing a song for μ’s, using Umi’s embarrassing poems as a basis.

And did I mention that Maki’s singing is so godly, although her chest needs some work… Thank you, Ms. Vice-President Nozomi Toujou.

Anyways, they still have a month left before their debut… They don’t want to get shameful with their half-ass work!

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