Tamako Market Episode #02

Hmm, having Dera (or a look-a-like) as a female bird would be a turn-off to me… The male one is better! (and FABULOUS!)

And so, our “supposedly” main character Tamako is helping the community by turning this drab shopping district into a Valentine-themed one. Everyone is in the spirit of Valentine’s Day…

…except for Tamako’s dad, who thinks it’s embarrassing. But seriously old man, just go with the modern times instead of being stuck with tradition like those good ol’ boys from NASCAR!

But hey, at least he made a heart-shaped mochi… with chocolate.

Speaking of cho- I don’t wanna say that! Looks like the Prince from the Pacific has cometh…

Of course, he’s just here to say “Hi!” to the men and women from the Usagiyama Shopping District.

Anyways, there’s more to come on Tamako Market… And damn, Kanna’s chocolate house is the boss!

BTW, I’ve started watching GJ-Bu for this Winter… but I’m not gonna blog it! I think Aroduc is blogging it at this moment!

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