Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai NEXT Episode #02

Hey guys and girls, let’s watch a bara-genre anime (based on a adult game) where men make BL games… and references to a certain “Yaranaika?” guy!

Then again, it seems that they move to tears when watching it… Why Rika, why did you bring a BL anime that can b’awww people!?

And BTW, remember that Maria-lookalike from last season? Well, it seems that she finally appeared, formally introducing herself as Kate Takayama.

Unfortunately, she’s just too rude to be a 15-year old nun… Drinking cola like a drunk lady and farting is no-good!

Speaking is Sister Kate, isn’t that Kobato-chan on Meaty’s latest eroge ventures? Gee Sena, that’s no good!

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