Kotoura-san Episodes #01 & #02

Well, this is the most surprising anime for Winter 2012! Apparently, this is a depressing anime where a girl has no friends and family thanks to her telepathic powers…

…until she met Manabe, that is. (using the power of erotic imagination) Well, there goes my depressing anime!

Seriously AIC, you adapted a 4-koma manga and made it more depressing? Oh crap, I repeated the word “depressing” three times. My bad!

BTW, thanks to Manabe-kun for befriending Kotoura-san…

…and then she got more friends like Yuriko-sempai and Daichi-sempai by joining the ESP Research Club. I guess it’s gonna be a lighthearted series.

Then again, I don’t think it will stick it all the way. I mean, Yuriko has a dark, troubled past where her mother was a fake esper and killed herself. Not good!

And there was a time where Kotoura-chan is being bullied by Hiyori. Hey, don’t bring back the wounds of her past. Being ESP is suffering!

But no worries, Manabe is here to protect Kotoura-chan so it’s all good…

Hey Kotoura-chan, you can cry over him… Anyways, I guess this anime is the hidden gem for Winter 2012!

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1 Response to Kotoura-san Episodes #01 & #02

  1. MAR-KLAC_VELOUS says:

    indeed really no saw this coming in any way besides i was not even on my watchlist til pics, mentions, blogs, etc on it.

    after watching 2eps of it well this really the LEGIT anime to watch of all hidden gems anime.

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