Robotics;Notes Episode #13

Hmm, I think I like this younger version of Kona-chan… before her mother’s death!

On the other hand, it seems that Kai already has Kimijima Report No. 4 and 5. As for the contents of those reports, it’s kinda weird like a possibility of a robot rebellion.

Speaking of Frau, looks like the monopole got split into two by accident thanks to Doc. And by mean, an accidental explosion made from gasoline and a monopole.

As for Doc, he’s fine… He’s not a robot clone or whatsoever, Doc is badass even after staying at the hospital from last week’s episode!

Now all they need to do is to turn a monopole into a power source!

But anyways, the next episode would be so ugly other than having Frau naked…

As for the possibility of a robot rebellion, it seems that it came true after a solar storm. You can blame the last episode of Gunvarr- Oh wait, I can’t badmouth that!

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