Vividred Operation Episodes #01 & #02

And this is how Akane turned from papergirl…

…to a magical girl! And BTW, that squirrel Momo was holding? That’s her grandfather, whose body was put into a freezer.

If you have a sucker for magical girls and mecha (like a certain Nanoha anime), then you’ll like to watch Vividred Operation!

BTW, her friend Aoi became a magical girl too… But I was wondering, how come this show didn’t add a pink magical girl? They could use Akane’s little sister for goodness sake!

That way, this show could become a homage to Choudenshi Bioman since their names corresponds to their Ranger counterparts like Red One. (as in Akane Isshiki)

But hey, at least there’s a docking feature…

…which they become a even more powerful magical girl. I wonder if 4 of those girls combine themselves into Vivid Rainbow?

Still, I think they need to amplify the yuri level to eleven. But that’s okay ’cause there’s plenty more of it on the next episode. (and another girl too)

Speaking of a new character, this dark magical girl named Rei reminds me of Homura and Chris… except that she’s a bit bland to my taste. But hey, at least her butt is cute!

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