AKB0048 Episode #16

And it’s time for the General Elections! Don’t place your bets on either these two, especially Chieri-chan. Heck, Mr. Sono is using underhand tactics this time to place her daughter at Number 1 so he could gather Kirara power. That’s not good!

“10th Place… Am I dreaming, Kanata?”

On the other hand, looks like Mimori draw first blood place at 10th in the Elections. But then again, I have a feeling that it would be rigged thanks to Chieri’s father.

Anyway, I’ll find out next week for the results. And BTW, I think “No Name” would win against those girls from Love Live if there is a Death Battle!

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3 Responses to AKB0048 Episode #16

  1. Lin says:

    “Mr. Sono is using underhand tactics this time to place her daughter at Number 1”

    Actually he isn’t it. Chieri feels she doesn’t deserve the attention because it was her father’s company instead of a company unrelated to her sponsoring her. But having a sponsor isn’t unfair or underhanded. It’s normal for idols to have sponsors pushing their idol career. You make it sound as if Zodiac was buying her votes or something, but this isn’t the case. The show didn’t even hinted at something like that.

    The actual problem with Zodiac being involved is not that they used underhanded tactics (which they didn’t) but the reason they got interested in AKB and Chieri’s career. No doubt this has something to do with those artificial kirara they’re trying to create, and you can bet they’re up to no good with this.

    • benigmatica says:

      Still, I believe that it’s wrong to have a sponsor when someone works hard like Nagisa…

      • Lin says:

        You’re saying that as if Yuuko, Takamina and all the others successors didn’t have their sponsors. Of course they do. All the popular idols have sponsors. Plus Nagisa isn’t the only one working hard. Everyone do, specially Chieri, who have a bigger workload than Nagisa and the others.

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