Little Busters! Episode #15

Hey guys, it’s time for a break after what happened last episode… This time, it’s Riki getting kidnapped by the girls!

As for Kyousuke and those two guys, I’ll think they’ll not gonna save Riki anytime soon… They’re too busy playing games.

BTW, since this episode is a breather one (again…), except some fanservice like a skinship between Rin and Komari.

And there’s even more service… Just add some female clothes and you got yourself a crossdressing Riki-kun.

Hell, put some lilies too for a faux-yuri scene with Kurugaya-nego. That would be so much fun!

Don’t forget to take some pics, Mio-chan. Naisu desu ne~! As for the ending for this episode, it ended up in an orgy… Really!

I hope J.C.Staff is back for something serious after this!

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