Love Live! School Idol Project Episode #03

Umi-chan… Are you becoming the next Mio Akiyama?

I guess the “people as veggies” trick didn’t work. It gets worse!

Continuing from last week’s episode, the three girls are preparing for their first live concert at their own school. So far, Honoka and Kotori’s training have finally paid off.

Heck, even Kotori-chan prepared their idol costume for tomorrow’s debut!

Then again, it’s embarrassing for Umi-chan to wear one. C’mon Umi, this is for saving Otonokizaka Academy from closure!

Despite refusing to wear miniskirts, she performed it anyway without any hiccups.

I told you Umi-chan, never underestimate the power of miniskirts even though I want them to wear long stockings for a Grade A Zettai Ryouiki!

And BTW, they performed their first live concert for a select few… This includes the student council president and vice president, and these two girls shown here. Man, I bet that both of them would join μ’s later on.

But hey, that’s a good start for the upcoming idol group. Better than having none!

Anyways, time for some expansion next week! So girls, gather the remaining 6 and fight against the understudies from AKB0048!

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